Monday, June 15, 2009

Confucius Say: Crochet!

My favorite place to go for coffee is a local place called Perk on the Pike, named so because it is on Delhi Pike, the busiest street in Delhi (pronounced del-high) on the west side of Cincinnati. It has wonderful coffee and excellent food, but the best part about it is the friendliness of the owners and staff. Even my 17-month old son know that when we go to the Perk he's going to not only get a sugar cookie, but a little bit of love from whoever is behind the counter when we get there.

The Perk features art for sale from local artists, does art shows for local schools, and displays handmade goods for sale made by local artisans. So I naturally asked if I could display my book for sale, and they said to bring up some copies with a sign.

I obviously couldn't pass up an opportunity to crochet something cute, and I thought Confucius might have a wise saying for me. I loved making his bushy eyebrows, moustach, and goattee! I used some undeyed BlackBerry Ridge sportweight yarn and seperated they ply to make slightly twisty very organic looking facial hair.

In case you can't quite make out what Confucius's message is, it says: Confucius Say: A diet with too little fiber is like the Pike with no Perk to help move it along.


  1. oh you wrote that book!!! I have it on my ' wishlist' on, and now that I didn't get it, I am just going to go out there and get it!
    hehehe so exciting that I found your blog.

    The little guy is socute, and I agree with the yarn used for the goatie and mustache, it makes more natural and organic looking hair ;)

    Very cool ;)

  2. That little guy is really cute!!! I love the mustache and goatie. Very realistic!! I also love the little message! Nice Work!!!

  3. Looks to me like Book II has it's first ami character?

  4. oh i love confucious! do you have a pattern. I LOVE your book by the way. It makes me happy every day!

  5. I really love this little doll! My brother is a great fan of Confucius and I would really like to crochet him one for christmas. Can I get the pattern somewhere?

  6. Hello,

    I was wondering if this crocheted Confucius is for sale? Thanks!

  7. Hi Cynthia! I'm sorry, Confucius is not for sale - he has a place of honor in my husband's office :) I think Tim would be lonely without him!