Thursday, May 28, 2009

Table for Two

We have a lot of things in our house that came from my husband's parents. For example, our kitchen table. When Tim was a kid, his Mom would sit him on the corner of it and cut his hair, literally with a bowl on his head. We also have a child size chair and table set that was around when Tim was a kid. The chairs had been recovered several times, the latest with leftover wallpaper from their kitchen. My kids must have something against wallpaper, because shortly after we moved in they started peeling the wallpaper in the downstairs bathroom, hallway, and then the chairs. We had the walls repainted last summer, and I finally got around to taking care of the chairs.
I unscrewed the seat bases, took off the old coverings and padding and used some cotton batt that I just happened to have as well as some fabric that I've had for probably six years. I used our staple gun to secure it to the bottom of the seat bases, cut off the extra, and screwed the seats back onto the frames. It took me less than an hour total and made such a difference.

Since there are two chairs, I took pictures of what one finished looks like next to the one I hadn't done yet. My daughters wanted to sit in the chairs for the pictures, but neither wanted to sit in the unfinished chair, as you can see below. They're both happy now that they each have a nicely re-upholstered chair to sit in.

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