Sunday, June 9, 2013

Gecko Frecko

Have you heard of Gecko Frecko?  No?  Then let me tell you about him.

Gecko Frecko is the companion of my youngest son, Benjamin.  Gecko Frecko sleeps with Benjamin every night, and even went camping with him.  He is content to snuggle under the covers, but mainly he sits right on top of Benjamin while he's falling asleep, like a scaly sentry making sure that bad dreams stay away.

While I was making Gecko Frecko, Benjamin literally sat by my side for hours, watching my hands and watching his new friend grow.  When I had everything done except for the eyes, I handed him over.  I ended up needing to sneak and steal him back in order to add the eyes several weeks later!

I absolutely loved the way this pattern is written!  Let me tell you why.

I am not a big chart person.  I can make do with one, but I prefer to have both line by line instructions and a chart to refer to if I need a visual.  But in general, I spend more time squinting at the chart trying to figure out where I'm supposed to be than I really should.

But Gecko Frecko, he's a special one.  The author, Raphaela Blumenbunt, used line by line instructions, but with symbols!  So each line, instead of being incredibly wordy, contains the symbols for the stitches required.    She took the best of written patterns and the best of charting and fit them together.  I found this pattern incredibly easy to follow, and the finished Gecko is extraordinarily cute.  Even if I did put one of his legs on upside down.  Ahem.

I sincerely hope that everyone makes themselves a Gecko Frecko!  Be sure to read the abbreviations and explanations closely at the beginning of the pattern, and this lizard will fly off of your hook!


  1. Hello Rose,
    thank you very, very much for this nice post of you! :-)))
    Best wishes from Germany,
    Raphaela Blumenbunt

  2. This little one is so darn cute, I love it. And it is very well done as well. It is no wonder Benjamin won’t let go of it. When I was little I had a panda plushy that I wouldn’t have let go for nothing in the world, I still have it.

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  3. I have seen Gecko's guide and appreciated that it's very simple and clear to understand and follow the steps. Thank you for sharing the useful source.

  4. Everyone is saying how easy this is and yet I am almost bald from pulling my hair out! I have crocheted for many years but this one is challenging from row 37. I think I figured it out...kept on having to add or delete stitches as they didn't work out. But now....I am on the feet. Soles are clear until I get to the * on the upper foot. I am already at the end of the round before I have the 3x, 1o, 1x, (inc), 1x. There are no st at the end of the round to do this. Can you help? What am I missing? This is a great gecko and I hope you can help me. Thanks a lot for taking the time.

    1. I'm also struggling with the pattern from row 21. Stitches don't work out, and I can't figure out if it is the pattern that is wrong, or the stitch count in brackets that is wrong. How do I amend to make it work? Any help will be appreciated.

  5. I am trying out one of her other patterns and have questions for her. She seems inactive with her blogging. I was hoping she started a YouTube channel. Does anyone know?