Thursday, March 25, 2010

Yarn Organization, Part One

Sometimes one has to sit back, look around, and take stock of their resources. For some, this means checking on the veg in the root cellar and meat in the freezer…but for me it means wool, cotton, bamboo, and nylon fibers. Spun, plied (or not) and put up into hanks, skeins, or balls just waiting for me to transform them into something fun.

I set about the task of inventorying my yarn for a few different reasons:

  • My lack of organization was starting to take a definite toll in the number of projects I was successfully completing.
  • I decided that if I’m going to feel like creating is my profession, I’m going to have to treat my craft as a professional would. This means, if nothing else, I need an epicenter for inspiration and pattern writing.
  • I was starting to feel some major inadequacies about the size of my stash.
  • I love any excuse I can get to play with yarn, even if it’s just re-organizing.

    I started by getting as much of my yarn as I could locate and separating it into two groups. The wool and wool blends:

    And the cotton and cotton blends, as well as some misc others.

    Now, these two photos are the most accurate representation of my yarn stash that I could possibly give. I have indeed amassed more yarn since I took these photos, and I have since found some stray yarn in various nooks and crannies of my house. It was not a small feat to decide on a new home and organizational system for my beloved yarn. I wanted it to be in a convenient location, but out of the way. It had previously (when it was where it belonged) been stored in a wine rack dealio in the corner of the dining room. It actually looked quite lovely when I took the time to ensure that it was organized neatly within the little cubes.
  • In my next post, I’ll post pictures of where I decided to store everything, and why. Everybody loves a cliffhanger, right?

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