Friday, April 3, 2009


Well, I spoke too soon. We had yet another weekend of another stomach virus, starting with the baby and hitting everyone except for the eleven year old. I finally broke down and used bleach and disinfectants to clean everything. Anyone who knows me knows that I hate using chemicals to clean, but after months of doctor visits and general misery, I just had to do something to try and prevent my family from going through all of this again.

Right before the last one struck, I finished up a small knitting project. Now, I'm not a skilled knitter. I just recently taught myself and my FO list is rather small and simple. But I had just a little bit of yarn leftover from a soaker I made for my 15 month old and it was so pretty that I couldn't just let it sit. So I just decided to cast on and start knitting and see what it would become!

I just knit in stockinette, throwing in a couple of rows of garter stitch in the trim color here and there, and decided that it would make a nice little pouch bag clutch type thingy to keep stuff in. I had the perfect button for it in my sewing box, and I found a fat quarter of cute spotted fabric that matched it pretty well to sew inside for a liner.

I had to hand sew the liner in since I don't have a machine (I broke the last one I had and just decided to give up on learning to sew for the time being).

So, it was a fun little project, but I've got to say that I don't think knitting is ever really going to do it for me the way crochet does. It's nice and all, but it's not nearly as fun IMHO. I'll keep on knitting so that I'll be able to make some of the great combo pieces I've seen, but it will never ever replace crocheting as my fiber art of choice!

BTW, the gorgeous yarn I used is DoodleBirds Beach Vacation colorway on Marvelous Merino.

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  1. oooh Love the colors, and the lining is perfect, You are so talanted :) Great Job