Monday, March 2, 2009

Don't Sweat It!

Recently when I was cleaning out my closet (that's a whole 'nother post in itself) I came across the very first sweater I ever crocheted. I'm not entirely sure why it was in there, unless it was to keep the other clothes that I never wear company. I made the sweater originally for my oldest child when he was 7 years old. I was really excited about this project - I picked out yarn in C's favorite color and set to work making what was sure to be the most beautiful hand made sweater ever. I'll admit that I was a little overconfident, kind of like the people featured in American Idol's season opening show.
So, I made the front and the back, the sleeves, and the ribbing for the waist, cuffs, and neck. I put it all together....and this is what I got:

Wow, it really turned out to be a disaster. As you can probably tell, I failed to do a gauge swatch. I think I may have changed hook sizes in inappropriate places as well. When I discovered this little treasure hiding away in my closet, I thought it was inside out. But no, my seaming was really that bad.
And note how the neck is barely bigger than the wrists. It never would have fit my son. Well, unless he looked like this guy

I learned several lessons from this unfortunate bit of stitchery, and luckily my crocheting has come a loooong way since I made this disaster. I think I may finally send it to the sweater cemetery and make room in my closet for something else.


  1. I'll take the sweater - Dad

  2. lol ok where did you find that pic lol, tooooo funny.
    Hey Great job on your crocheting :)

  3. Is that Beetle Juice? LOL to funny