Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Snow Day!

We got our first 'real' snow of the winter overnight last night and this morning. Of course, C was off of school and while Tim had to be at work for a presentation, he was able to come home early to avoid the ice that was predicted for the evening. Tim took the three older kids outside to play in the snow while B and I watched from the dining room window.

C and L are hiding from Tim and S behind an awesome snow fort! I would have gotten better pictures from a different angle, but that would have meant bundling up myself and the baby and going outside. I chose to live vicariously through them, instead ;-)

While they were playing outside, I decided to make some hot chocolate. My older sister, Susan, gave me a brick of Abuelita's hot chocolate mix that she brought back with her from Mexico where she went to visit her husband's family over the holidays. The whole label was written in Spanish, which wasn't a problem since I can understand it pretty well. The hurdle I had to overcome was that there weren't any instructions on it, anywhere! I decided to just toss the whole thing in there and pour in about 1/4 gallon of milk. It turned out pretty good!

At least, C and S thought so! I love the way the kids look, all rosy cheeked and messy haired when then come in from the outside.

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